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raw dog food

Lots of people are big fan of raw dog food. They argue that dog in the wildness consume the bones, skin, and flesh of their prey, and can obtain all the nutrients they need.

Raw dog food, such as raw dog bones are nutritious to dog. They are excellent for dog's teeth and gums, and contain plenty of calcium and calories.



On the flip side, raw bones go bad in warm weather, or left out for too long. Smaller bones such as chicken bones will pose a risk to your dog..

Furthermore, in order for your dog to obtain a balanced diet, you need to offer them a wide variety of raw dog foods. Here's a suggested raw dog food list for the reference:

Raw meat bones - they are excellent source of protein and calcium.

Raw offal - only to be fed once a week

Raw animal by-products - chicken fee, pig trotters, fish heads etc.

Vegetables - they aid the dog's digestion