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Health-care Dog Food (Wellness Dog Food)

healthy dog food

Each individual who has the experience of having a dog as pet understands the difficulty of choosing a quality, healthy dog food. The task is not always simple and often you will have to decide whether a specific ingredient in dog food is still acceptable for your dog or not.

Many of the ingredients and additives in commercial dog foods like wheat, corn, beef, or brewer's yeast are the source of health problems in dog food. Brands available at grocery stores or mass retailers are generally based on cheap byproducts of the human food industry with artificial colorings and flavorings, and contain ingredients our dogs were never meant to eat.

Heart Health dog food

Contains low level of salt to reduce fluid retention, reduced phosphorus and protein level, and increased vitamins to help with kidney function.

Kidney Health dog food

Contains reduced protein, phosphorus and sodium, and increased vitamins and carbohydrates and fats to help renal function.

Liver Health dog food

Contains increased fat and carbohydrates and decreased protein to reduce the workload of liver.

Allergy dog food

The most common dog allergies are to corn, wheat, and soy. The dog allergy could have symptons from swollen paws, itchy gums, to sneezing and eczema.

Most allergy dog food only contain one or two food types to reduce the chance of allergy. They will also include vitamins and specific fats to improve the condition of skin and coat.

Hip & Joint dog food

Immunity dog food

Diabetes dog food

Contains high level of fiber to reduce glucose fluctuations

Diet dog food

Contains decreased level of calories, and high level of fiber to reduce hunger feeling for dog.

High Energy dog food