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While vitamins and minerals are vital for the health of dog, they are only needed with minimum amount. In fact, given the abundant supplies of various dog food nowadays, people rarely see dogs with deficiencies in vitamin or minerals.

On the other hand, people do see dogs suffering from excessive supplements. For example, too much calcium can cause bone deformities for the dog.

Some of the common disease caused by over-supplement in dog food:


Symptom of Illness

Vitamin A

Joint pain, dehydration, central nerve system depression

Vitamin B6

Weakness in muscle, loss of body balance

Vitamin D

Weakness, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite


Dry coat, eye and nasal discharges


Constipation, bloody stools


Convulsions, bloody feces


That being said, dog supplements do have its own merit, especially for growing puppies and elderly dogs. For dog with disease conditions, dog supplements can also help them to recover or relieve the symptoms.

As always, consult your vet on any of the particular supplement demands for your dog.