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Dog Food 101

Why Dog Food Matters?

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People has been feeding their dogs for centuries from various food source: meats, grains, food leftover, table scraps and homemade dog food. So why bother to buy the dog food?

Human beings have the misconception that dog would like to eat whatever our human likes to eat. However, this is totally a misunderstanding.


Human beings are omnivorous (eating both meat and vegetables), while the dog was originally pure carnivorous (eating meat only), and only become meat-based omnivorous animals after nearly a thousand years of human domestication.

Dog’s intestinal tracts are short, only about 3 to 4 times of its body length. It’s not easy for the dog to digest too much carbohydrate, so meat is the easier food to absorb nutrients.
Dog also has extreme sensitive sense of smell, but its taste buds are only one-sixth of humanity, thus has far less developed sense of taste than our human being.
Humans like to eat slowly and savor the taste of the food; while dog likes to chew the food pieces and swallow whole thing.
Compare to raw dog food or manmade dog food, commercially manufactured dog food has the following advantages:

1, Each type of dog food is professionally designed to meet the nutritional needs of dog, including the requirement for protein, vitamins, minerals, etc.
      2, Contains nutrients to enhance dog’s immunity ability, prevent the dog from sickness, therefore extend their longevity.
      3, Have standard to ensure the dog food safety and to avoid feeding the pet as expired, moldy, rotten food caused by various diseases;
      4, a variety of dog food packaging to choose from. Saving people time to cook and prepare for the dog food.
      All this tells us, and we humans have a pet dog is completely different nutritional needs, and consequently, we can not demand human nutrition food choices for a pet dog for food, but in the professional pet nutritionist or veterinarian under the guidance to provide scientific expertise for the pet dog.