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Dog Food 101

Dog Food 101

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Dog food is the nutritional supplies made especially for the dog. Its main function is to sustain the daily food needs for the dog, maintain a healthy living, as well as providing necessary nutritional elements during the life of the dog.

Dog food generally consists of various materials such as meat, meat byproducts, grain, cereals, vitamins, and minerals. In the U.S. about 300 manufacturers produce more than 7 million tons of pet food each year, one of the largest categories of any packaged food. Pet owners can choose from more than 3,000 different pet food products, including the dry, canned, and semi-moist types, as well as snacks such as biscuits, kibbles, and treats. In the 1990s, this $8-billion industry feeds America's 52 million dogs and 63 million cats.

Bottom line as a dog owner, you need to know the correct diet for you dog. If you feed the dog with wrong dog food, your dog will be susceptible to behavior disorder, infection, and disease. Good dog nourishment is more than just tasty dog food, it will enhance the quality of dog's life.