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Dog Food 101

Dog Food Safety

dog food safety

Durability: A quality dog toy should be strong enough to withstand the most aggressive chewers.

An AAFCO or CVMA seal of certification on the package indicates that the dog food had been tested by 3rd party laboratory to ensure the product is nutritious and digestible, and safe for the dog. And it is regularly monitored to ensure consistent composition, digestibility and palatability.



Dog Food Agency:

AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials)

CVMA (Canadian Veterinary Medical Association)


AAFCO Statement:

Animal feeding tests using AAFCO

Both the size and material of the dog toys should be safe for the dog to play alone. Check the conditions of the dog toys frequently, and get rid of the dog toy with signs of cracking and torn.

Fun: Only the toy your dog likes to play with is the right toy for him/her.

Versatility: The more your dog can do with a dog toy, the more fun both he/she will enjoy.