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History of Dog Food

W G Ballard dog food

In 1860, Cincinnati electrician James Spratt travel to London to promote lightning rods. When he arrived in Britain by ship, he accidentally discovered that his dog like to eat the discarded biscuits from sailors. He had an idea, quickly brought flour, vegetables, meat, add water, stir together and began manufacturing and selling the dog food. The first manmade commercial dog food was born.


After 62 years in 1922, Chappel Brothers began canning horse meat for dogs under the Ken-L-Ration brand. In its heyday, it slaughtered more than 50,000 horses each year.

In the 1920s, Canadian veterinarian W.G.Ballard produced a canned dog food from his own recipe. The company carried the brand DrBallard Canned Dog Food until 2001.

      In 1954, Ralph Stone - Purina try rice flour, salt and sugar mixed with emulsified liver, skim milk, soy powder raw material, mixing the slurry after the asphalt on the ground to dry. To imitate the taste and popcorn are similar, deeply loved pet dog. The company initially will this new product called "X-24", and put it directly into the supermarket shelves, and then "Purina" dog food sold worldwide, all of the "Purina" the company will not be unfamiliar, this is so far still ruled China for the domestic dog food market - "the crown to" dog food manufacturers.
      In 1957, Ralston Purina introduced expanded dog food, which offered a better taste by the application of a fat coating. Since then, expanded dog food dominate the dog food market by providing a comprehensive and balanced nutrition, easy-to-feed

Nowadays, Thirty years later, only in the year 1987, the U.S. supermarket sales of a dog food reached $ 2.7 billion, sales of 264 million tons.