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Dog Food 101

Dog Food Buying Tips


(1) Check the dog food package

Good quality dog food usually packed into specially designed moisture-proof bags. Low cost dog food is packed in brown bags or even plastic bags.

(2) Check the dog food smell


Good quality dog food has natural food smell; while low-grade dog food will have pungent smell because the addition of chemical additives.

(3) Check the dog food appearance

Good quality dog food should have relatively uniform shape, size and color. Low-grade dog food has non-uniform particles, shallow and uneven color due to production process, and choice of poor raw materials.

(4) Check the nutrition facts

Good quality dog food should clearly label the nutritional facts. Compare the following general guideline for necessary food nutrition in good dog food:

Protein content: 21 ~ 24%
Fat content:  8% -16%
Water: 10%
Fiber: 3-4% fiber
Omega-3: 0.5
Omega-6: 3
Calcium: 1.5
P 1.

(5) Check the safety label
Good quality dog food should be certified by AAFCO or
Looking for the AAFCO statement on the dog food.