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natural dog food

Natural dog food, or Holistic dog food, or Organic dog food, whatever you call it, it is nowadays a buzz word for dog owners who really care about their pet.

Natural dog food tends to address the shortcoming in the normal dog food, mostly in the following three areas:

1. chemical substances in the normal dog food

Natural dog food or Holistic dog food boast to have no chemical preservatives or food coloring added to the dog food, thus offers more healthy choice to the dog.



2. lack of protein in the normal dog food

Normal dog food contains limited amount of protein due to its production process and preservation methold. Natural dog food or Holistic dog food are normally protein-rich, enable the dog to absorb enough nutrition.

3. meat

Dog is carnivores animal, and they need meat to live healthy, as well as grow strong teeth. Most of normal dog food substitute meat with corn or grain. The grain-free, gluten-free feature presented by Holistic dog food is definitely a welcoming choice to provide more protein source to the dog.