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dog dry food

Moisture content is the easiest way to tell from the dog dry food, semi-moisture food and wet food.

In general, dog dry food (also known as Kibble), contents less than 10% of moisture. It was manufactured through the process of extrusion or expansion by mixing various raw materials such as meat, corn gluten feed, bone meal, animal fats, and oil.

Dog's absorption rate for dry food can reach up to 70%. High quality dry dog food provide a complete and balanced diet, and dog can be fed exclusively on them.

The advantage of dog dry food:

- Long shelf life, long storage life after open

- Convenient to feed and easy to carry

- Nutritional and balanced food ingredients

- Reasonable pricing

- Crunchy kibble can keep dog's teeth clean

- Can be fed to dog exclusively



The shortcoming of dog dry food:

- Singular taste

- Less palatable

- May requires the addition of preservatives, such as anti-corrosion, anti-mildew, or anti-oxidants.